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The Deluxe Car Covers from

For the best car protection during storage in all seasons including spring, summer, fall, and winter at a cheap price, look no further with our deluxe car cover. From sun and heat, to rain and snow damage, you can trust this heavy duty cover to keep your car looking great at the best value.

What Makes This Cover Amazing

This Deluxe cover is made up of four nearly impenetrable layers of fabric consisting of two polypropylene layers with a micro-porous film between to ensure breathability and a fleece lining.

The front and rear of the deluxe car cover has an elastic hem to ensure an extra snug fit. This superior quality cover is unlike the cheap 1 layer covers sold other places.

Saving you Time and Money

When parking or storing a vehicle they become susceptible to snow, UV damage, harmful effects from bird droppings, acid rain, hail, tree sap, dust, dirt, and scratches.

Scratches, dings, and dents can cost you hours upon hours of buffing and potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs.